Coronavirus Impact on the Urban League of Essex County's Daily Operations

The Urban League of Essex County like many government, municipal, and nonprofit organizations that serve, and therefore come in close contact with the public, is following the guidelines and protocols posted on the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Because our organization serves many residents on a daily basis, we seek to exercise extreme caution to ensure the public's safety as well as the safety of our staff members. Therefore, in the coming days we will provide the public with real-time information about our hours of operation and level of service. For the residents we currently serve, we are making arrangements with them to continue to provide services in whatever form that might take. If you receive or seek to receive services from the Urban League we urge you to visit our website on a regular basis to receive real-time updates. If you have questions please contact the list of Urban League personnel below:


Vivian Cox Fraser, President/CEO (973) 624-9535, Ext. 202
Patricia Sermon, Chief Operations Officer (973) 624-9535, Ext. 294
Darrin Sharif, Chief Administrative Officer (973) 624-9535, Ext. 204
Gregory Ward, Chief Financial Officer (973) 624-9535, Ext. 213
Alice Frazier, Vice President, Workforce Development (973) 624-9535, Ext. 267
Heather Wilson, Director of Early Childhood Education (973) 624-9535, Ext. 223
Leonard Robbins, Director, Real Estate Project Management (973) 624-9535, Ext. 224
Teresa Howard, Director Urban Seniors Jobs Program (973) 624-9535, Ext. 272
Victoria Lindsey, Director of Housing (973) 624-9535, Ext. 209