Community Employment Center

"The hardest work in the world is being out of work."  
                   - Whitney M. Young.  Executive Director, National Urban League 1961 - 1971.  

We believe that employment is a fundamental element of our daily lives.  Our careers enable us to be economically self-sufficient.  But a job provides us much more than just money - meaningful work gives us a sense of pride, purpose, and a foundation to live productive lives.  

Our Community Employment Center assists job-seekers through

  • coaching 
  • skills training 
  • connections 
  • job placement  

We also focus on comprehensive programs that help residents who are faced with persistent unemployment and underemployment challenges. Most often, these clients experience multiple barriers to employment, such as justice system involvement, former incarceration, long term unemployment, low education and/or low skill levels.  

Through respectful and confidential coaching, referrals to social services, and supportive follow-through, our clients are better able to reach their self-identified goals and objectives.  Our personal one-on-one approach is our signature commitment to provide individualize services to our clients.  

Our Community Employment Center Provides:  

GED Preparation
All program participants work with qualified instructors in a class setting and small groups to learn and practice skills.

Job Readiness for Our Knowledge-Based Economy
Today’s “knowledge workers” require a more complex set of skills than the workers who were able to raise families by working in factories and on assembly lines less than fifty years ago. Our job readiness program addresses these needs by helping individuals prepare for today's workplace.

This program includes relevant workplace topics including:

  • Intensive Math & English Skill Building and Reinforcement
  • Conversational English in the workplace
  • Basic etiquette and interpersonal interaction in the workplace
  • Effective time management and goal setting
  • Ethics, Norms and Expectations of the Workplace

Job Lab 
We address "digital divide" issues by providing job seekers with access to the internet for job searches, resume preparation, online application completion and opportunities to gain foundational skill sets for data entry and Microsoft Office Suite proficiency.  Job seekers also have access to low-cost administrative resources such as photocopying, scanning and FAXing documents to support a successful career search. 

If you have questions about any of our employment services, email us at or call 973-624-9535, x161.


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