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Project Ready

Project Ready is a year round program that seeks to provide enhanced academic support to high school students in preparation for post-secondary education. Components of Project Ready are designed to develop individual student’s knowledge and attitudes towards and capacity for post-secondary education. Students are expected to make academic progress and benefit from cultural enrichment opportunities and be trained for school navigational and life skills development.

Program Goals

Project Ready participants will be acquainted with a variety of valuable skills including but not limited to:

  • Increasing college awareness
  • Improving navigational and life skills
  • Raising confidence and self awareness around decision making
  • Gaining greater understanding and appreciation for one’s own cultural identity and cultural diversity
  • Understanding the correlation between higher education and income
  • Exposure to various industries
  • Knowledge of and interaction with the free enterprise system
  • Increasing academic achievement


  • 90 % of students serviced increased their Math and Language Arts grades
  • SAT/PSAT Enrichment training
  • Civic Engagement and Community Improvement (clean up film)


“Working with Mr. Carter and the rest of staff allowed me to feel prepared when I took the PSATS in school this year. It also opened up my thinking about life after high-school.“
-Kyle Chalmers

For further information or questions please contact Leigh Carter, Youth Programs Coordinator, at 973-624-9535 xt. 116