Financial Empowerment

youCAN.pngFinancial stability empowers families and builds stronger communities.   

It is essential that individuals and families be able to make informed financial decisions to weather trying economic times and to plan for the future.

The Urban League of Essex County has been providing financial literacy education and counseling to individuals and families for more than five years. The goal of ULEC’s financial literacy program is to provide a foundation of basic knowledge about financial services, interest, credit and debt and the importance of banking, saving, and preparing for retirement.

Participants of financial literacy classes build portfolios rich with goals and priorities for building their futures.  To date, more than 2,000 residents and 800 students have received this invaluable training.  

For more information, or to get started on your own financial empowerment plan, contact Ms. Johnson at or call 973-624-9535, x166.



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