Throughout our country's history, millions have embraced the ideal of the "American Dream". The belief that prosperity and success in life will naturally follow your own hard work, effort and true grit is our cultural birthright.  

During the 20th century - our country's economy, global dominance and the social mobility that has come to define America was built on innovation - and the sweat of millions of workers that powered the factories, industries and businesses in our cities and urban centers.  

The 21st-century global economy is very different.  The vast industrial bases have been largely shuttered and moved offshore. Today, opportunities for long-term prosperity lie not physical strength and stamina, but in skilled labor and knowledge-dependent expertise.  

With millions of Americans unemployed or underemployed in our cities, the Urban League of Essex County, in line with the National Urban League movement, is committed to putting urban America back to work.  

Jobs Rebuild America is focused on increasing equity, advocating for policies that create new and more living-wage jobs for urban residents, and improving access to the mainstream economy and workforce for all citizens.  

Since 2013, this groundbreaking initiative has brought together public and private investments totaling more than $70 million - strengthening existing job programs and creating new ones.  The Urban League of Essex County is proud to be the recipient of more than $2 million in grants to expand employment opportunities right here in Newark and Essex County.  

Jobs Rebuild America is also focused on raising national awareness about the urgent need to pass effective job creation legislation and invest in the education and skills enhancement of at-risk youths and disadvantaged young adults.  

The National Urban League 8-Point Plan includes:

  1. Fair and equitable school funding for all
  2. Robust early childhood education for each child
  3. Strengthen high schools and re-engage students to prevent dropouts
  4. Robust STEM focused curriculum and programs
  5. Qualified, effective and diverse teachers
  6. Strategic workforce development: targeting Americans most in need
  7. New job training models coupled with job placement
  8. Improving and integrating current data systems

Click here to read the full National Urban League 8 Point Plan: Educate, Employ and Empower. 

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