Revitalizing Fairmount Heights


The Urban League of Essex County is committed to urban revitalization and lasting social change within ccommunities. Its headquarters is located at 508 Central Avenue in Fairmount Heights, a neighborhood located in Newark's West Ward.  "Fairmount", a 50 block area of houses, businesses, places of worship and schools is a diverse community bounded by South Orange Avenue on the south, Central Avenue on the north and Bergen Street on the east (at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey campus). The historic Fairmount Cemetery stands as the largest landmark near its western border.

In 2009, the Urban League of Essex County obtained grants from the Wachovia Foundation and the State of New Jersey to help produce a revitalization plan for the Fairmount neighborhood.  We joined with our neighbors, local business owners, churches, schools, mosques and friends to engage as many people who live and work in Fairmount to create a plan to turn our community around. With the firm belief that our potential is great and our future even greater, over a two-year period, we successfully developed the Fairmount Heights Strategic Plan.

The plan identified five major goals:

Goal 1: Reduce Crime and Improve Public Safety

Goal 2: Strengthen the Community, Neighborhood, and Families

Goal 3: Expand Economic Development and Employment Opportunities

Goal 4: Enhance Education and Job Training

Goal 5: Improve Land Use and Quality of Life


To download the plan, click on link below:


The Fairmount Heights Neighborhood Association, our invaluable partners that acted as the steering committee to drive the development of the plan, has five working committees that correspond to the five major goal areas.  You can help further improve Fairmount by becoming a member and working on one of the committees. 

We could not have done this alone, and we want to thank the many residents that helped to develop the plan.  We look forward to working with all stakeholders to make Fairmount better - Our home, Our Hope Our Neighborhood!

Special recognition to the members of the Steering Committee that worked to develop the plan:

ULEC - Vivian Fraser, President and CEO, Cheryl Howard and Darrin Sharif
Residents - Kenneth Jones, Joe Bethune, Kakeisha Smith, Bryan West, Cheryl Swan, Roni Bryant, Doug Durr, Carol Lomax, Ruth Phillips, Khalil Sharif, Vanessa Ethridge.
13th Avenue School - Khadija Abdul-Kareem (parent)
City of Hope Ministry - Pastor Paul Valerius
City Of Newark - Perris Straughter, Senior Planner
Communication for Social Change Consortium
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey - David C. Schulz, AIA, Executive Director, Carl Chase
Georgia King Village - Jacquelyn Thomas, Resident Services/Community Programs Coordinator, and Pamela Mohammad, President Resident Council
LISC - Robin J. Brown, Program Officer
Martin Luther King, Jr. School – Dr. Glenn Wilson
Masjid Au Muslim - Masjid Imam Muslim Abdul Muhammad, Masjid Alik Muslim Edward Wadood
New Community Corporation, Newark, NJ - Richard Cammarieri
Newark Police Department - Captain Gregory Meehan; Captain Yablonski, Captain Antonio Perez
Newark Public Schools - Michael Carrigan, Ed.D (West Region)
Page Academy - Rhonda Page, Executive Director
Provision of Promise - Esney M. Sharpe, Assistant Pastor
Rutgers University - Diane Hill, Vice Chancellor, Community Partnerships
VIP Barbershop - Derrick Taylor
Welcome Baptist Church – Ngina Wiltshire, President Trustee Board
West Side High School - Dr. Kevin West, Principal, Nadia Camacho (alumni), Arthur Morton (alumni)
World Impact -Dr. William T. Iverson

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