$125,000 Supports Families


 A Mission-Driven Social Enterprise

Creating Jobs - Changing Lives for the Better

TW_Girl.jpgMany in our community need and want jobs, but have multiple barriers to employment.  ThriftWORKS Community Recycling Employment Program provides urgently needed skills, training, and earning opportunities for low and unskilled job seekers.

How it works:

ThriftWORKS creates jobs and economic enterprise by collecting donations, processing them for resale or other responsible recycling, and then offering goods to the public  through retail and online sales.  

Unlike some other recycling enterprises, ThriftWORKS creates jobs right here in our local neighborhoods.  As an added benefit, thousands of items are removed from the waste stream - providing environmental benefits for our communities.


BUT...We Need Your Help to Help Others

  • Host a Collection Bin at Your Organization or Business Location

  • Sponsor a Donation Drive with Your Neighbors, Friends, School, Church or Community Organization

For more information, contact us at Thriftworks@ulec.org or [SIGN UP HERE]


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