We Understand.

Life can be challenging.

For whatever reasons, many of us face multiple barriers to job, career and family success.

Our respectful, professional staff can help you clarify your needs, identify supportive resources, and work with you to develop an action plan that meets your individual goals.  

Contact us.   We’re here to help.









If you need assistance with....

Finding a Job:  Vholland@ulec.org

Buying a Home:  Lwardrick@ulec.org

Emergency Food or Shelter:  Gthomas@ulec.org

Pre-School Aged Child Care:    Yalvelo@ulec.org   

Getting Back on Track:  Ccooper@ulec.org

Getting Your High School Diploma:   JBowe@ulec.org   

Mature Worker Program:  OMiller@ulec.org

Saving Your Home from Foreclosure:   Omontero@ulec.org   

Saving and Investing for the Future:    PSermon@ulec.org

Something Else???   Info@ulec.org



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