road_to.jpgOur Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) workshops are designed to give you real-world knowledge and tools to help you improve your financial stability and reach your short and long-term goals.  More than that, they are designed to meet you where you are.  


You don't need to be well-established in your career or have a lot of savings -
or any savings at all.  This is the place to begin. 

It's never too early and never too late.  

Get started today on your road to financial success!



  • Start Saving on a Shoestring
  • Your Choices and Your Cha-CHING!!
  • Early Career Guide to Becoming Financially Fit
  • MoneyWISE is a Family Affair
  • Be a Budget BOSS
  • Managing Credit and Debt - The RIGHT Way
  • What's in YOUR B.A.G.?  Planning, Saving and Getting Resources for Your  Big, Audacious Goals
  • Miss Independent:  A Woman's Guide to Saving and Investing
  • Protecting Your Assets; Protecting Your Family
  • Your Financially Ever After




For more information, contact at Ms. Johnson at or call 973-624-9535, x166.


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